Copona for eCommerce – Better Opencart!

Copona is an open-source ecommerce platform which is under active development.

Our current distribution is based of a fork of Opencart, and incorporates many improvements over Opencart including:


Core & Usability Changes

  • Simpler installation process which automatically creates configuration files where needed.

  • Search engine friendly URL's are enabled automatically (on supported configurations).

  • New metadata table, to enable more efficient storage and retrieval of data.

  • Smarter product duplication: When a product is copied, the word ' (copy)' is added to to the name of new product

  • Product groups


Architecture Changes

  • More secure password hashing functions

  • More modern codebase, targetting PHP5.6 as the mimimum supported version.

  • Rewritten to avoid use of functions that have been deprecated in PHP7.1 (openssl replaces mcrypt throughout)

  • Simplified code base - removing features from the core install which would be better suited to being add-ons, such as the Openbay system

  • Moving away from the VQMOD architecture for extending core functionality.


Admin Changes

  • Ability to save changes to a product and continue editing it, rather than being returned to main menu.

  • Admin menu - saved in session, not flickering anymore

  • Language management - languages loaded by code, from Directory name from DB

  • Autocomplete now has "keepDropdown" property - if it's set to true - dropdown will not disapear oin choose.

  • Alert message in admin, if form has been changed and not saved.


Works in progress

  • From admin interface, it would be useful to be able to view products that are in a category, as well as products that use a specific option.
  • Need more explanation

  • Default Tax Class

  • Tax with vat input for products

  • Category Filtering in admin with autocomplete


Want to Contribute Your Ideas?

Open an Issue on our Github repository! We’ll probably discuss it a little but, but once we understand your need and determin that it would be of benefit to everyone, we’ll get writing the code for it. 


Want to Contribute Your Code?

Fork us on Github


Coming Soon!

Installation instructions for new users.